Roseville Church of Christ      17415 Eleven Mile Rd, Roseville MI     586-771-5311
We are a peculiar people.....

We are a part of the "Restoration Movement", which is to say that we are striving to "restore" the New Testament church in our time.  We study the church of the first century as it was described in the New Testament and try to pattern our worship, our ministry, and our lifestyle accordingly.  We do not follow the religious creeds and commands created by men, but rather the direction presented in the New Testament.

We are a people of particular beliefs...
We believe the Bible to be God's message of freedom to man and we try to follow it faithfully.  We understand that many will suggest that our beliefs are too restrictive. We make no apologies for that.  We know that in the practice of our faith we sometimes fail, and when we do, it is often to the ridicule of the world.   Yet it is our desire to follow God's plan for us and the only means we have to follow that plan is the Bible.
Our beliefs define who we are...
We believe that God is real.  He created the universe and all things in it.  We believe He desires to have a loving relationship with us, but He will not force us to enter into it against our will.  He gives us a choice to draw close to Him or to reject Him and go off on our own.

By turning our back on God we face the consequences of that choice.  We have become bound to the forces of this world and must face their trials and terrors alone.  In rejecting God we have constructed a barrier between ourselves and Him and no work of our hands can tear it down.  But God would not leave us without hope.

We are so loved by Him that He became man in order to lead us back to Him.  Through Jesus, God walked among His creation and taught those who would listen of the way back to Him.  Through the death of Jesus, God has purchased our freedom from that which holds us captive.  By His death, He has created a doorway through the barrier that separates us from God, and it is only through this doorway that we may return to God.  By His returning to life from the dead, He demonstrated the promise God offers to all......a life eternal with Him.

So how do we obtain this freedom?  You cannot buy it.  You cannot earn it.  It is a gift. All that is required is that you accept it.

Accept that Jesus is the only way to be reconciled to God.  Be willing to tell others of your belief.

Turn away from the practices of the world that once captivated you.  Join in Jesus' death symbolically by being buried in the waters of baptism and raised up to live a new life reunited to God.

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