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01-06-13AM-John Magness.mp3
01-13-13AM-George Price.mp3
01-20-13AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
01-27-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
02-03-13AM-Johnny Escalante.mp3
02-10-2013AM-George Price.mp3
02-17-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
02-24-13AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
03-03-13AM-John Magness.mp3
03-10-13AM-George Price.mp3
03-17-13AM-John Magness.mp3
03-24-13AM-David Chaffin.mp3
03-31-13AM-John Magness.mp3
04-07-13AM-George Price.mp3
04-14-13AM-Keith Andersen.mp3
04-21-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
04-28-13AM-John Magness.mp3
05-05-13AM-George Price.mp3
05-12-13AM-John Stacy.mp3
05-19-13AM-Kyle Murphy.mp3
05-26-13AM-Geoge Westerman Jr.mp3
06-02-13AM-David Chaffin.mp3
06-09-13AM-John Magness.mp3
06-16-13AM-George Price.mp3
06-30-13AM-John Bonbrisco.mp3
07-07-13AM-John Magness.mp3
07-14-13AM-George Price.mp3
07-21-13AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
07-28-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
08-04-13AM-Jim Petronski.mp3
08-11-13AM-George Price.mp3
08-18-13AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
08-25-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
09-01-13AM-John Magness.mp3
09-08-13AM-George Price.mp3
09-15-13AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
09-22-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
09-29-13AM-John Magness.mp3
10-06-13AM-George Price.mp3
10-13-13AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
10-20-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
10-27-13AM-Johnny Escalante.mp3
11-03-13AM-George Price.mp3
11-10-13AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
11-17-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
11-17-13PM-Stephen Demsich.mp3
11-24-13AM-John Magness.mp3
12-01-13AM-George Price.mp3
12-08-13AM-Kyle Murphy.mp3
12-15-13AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
12-22-13AM-John Magness.mp3
12-29-13AM-Daniel Dugger.mp3
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01-05-14AM-Keith Andersen.mp3
01-12-14AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
01-12-14PM-Stephen Demsich.mp3
01-19-13AM-John Magness.mp3
01-26-14AM-Bob Wilson.mp3
02-02-14AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
02-09-14AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
02-16-14AM-Stephen Demsich.mp3
02-23-14AM-Gunther Schlender.mp3
03-02-14AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
03-09-14AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
03-16-14AM-John Magness.mp3
03-23-14AM-John Bonbrisco.mp3
03-30-14AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
04-06-14AM-Dave Chaffin.mp3
04-13-14AM-John Magness.mp3
04-20-14AM-Jim Petronski.mp3
04-27-14AM-George Westerman Jr.mp3
05-04-14AM-Stephen Demsich.mp3
05-11-14AM-John Magness.mp3
05-18-14AM-Randy Milam.mp3
05-25-14 Edified by Two Horses (Westerman).mp3
06-01-14 Guilt and Forgiveness (Chaffin).mp3
06-08-14 Pauls 2nd Missionary Journey.mp3
06-15-14 Grace (Blair).mp3
06-22-14 Dont Be Afraid, Just Believe (Westerman).mp3
06-29-14 Your Faith Has To Grow (Chaffin).mp3
07-06-14 The Fruit of the Spirit (Magness).mp3
07-13-14 Silence (Westerman).mp3
07-20-14 Contentment (Wilson).mp3
07-27-14 Attitude (Chaffin).mp3
08-03-14 Righteousness (Demsich).mp3
08-10-14 Seeing IS Believing (Westerman).mp3
08-17-14 Home Sweet Home (Petronski).mp3
08-24-14 Service and Suffering (Andersen).mp3
08-31-14 Fear (Chaffin).mp3
09-07-14 The Upper Room (Magness).mp3
09-14-14 Hold On (Bonbrisco).mp3
09-21-14 This Little Light of Mine (Umphrey).mp3
09-28-14 Worms (Westerman).mp3
10-05-14 Ezekiel (Chaffin).mp3
10-12-14 Obedience (Stacey).mp3
10-19-14 Be Ready (Schlender).mp3
10-26-14 Distracted and Disconnected (Westerman).mp3
11-02-14 Mercy (Chaffin).mp3
11-09-14 A Study in Imagination (Milam).mp3
11-16-14 Prayer (Magness).mp3
11-23-14 Submission (Westerman).mp3
11-30-14 The Image of God (Andersen).mp3
12-07-14 We're Under Attack (Chaffin).mp3
12-14-14 A Satisfied Mind (Wilson).mp3
12-21-14 Jesus (Magness).mp3
12-28-14 Koinonia (Westerman).mp3
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Comast Cable Ch #18
Thursdays at 7:30 pm
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01-04-15 Prayer (Andersen).mp3
01-11-15 Resolutions (Chaffin).mp3
01-18-15 Sign No More (Petronski).mp3
01-25-15 Idols (Magness).mp3
02-01-15 Personal Fruit (Andersen).mp3
02-15-15 King Solomon (Chaffin).mp3
02-22-15 Seizing the Day (Schlender).mp3
02-8-15 On the Road Again_ (Westerman).mp3
03-08-15 Spiritual Adultery (Westerman).mp3
03-1-15 Do Something! (Magness).mp3
03-15-15 The Patience of God (Magness).mp3
03-22-15 Focus On Where You're Going (Bonbrisco).mp3
03-29-15 A Great Commission (DesRosiers).mp3
4-12-15A - Love Dave Chaffin.wma
4-19-15A Christian Living - Randy Milam.wma
4-19-15P - Randy Milam.wma
4-26-15A Good Samaritan - John Magness.wma
4-5-15A Four Words and The Resurrection - George Westerman.wma
5-10-15A Mothers - Dave Chaffin.wma
5-17-15A Sinful vs. Spiritual - Bob WIlson.wma
5-24-15A - Do You Enjoy Giving John Magness.wma
5-24-15P - John Magness.wma
5-3-10A Identity Crisis - George Westerman.wma
5-3-10P - George Westerman.wma
5-31-15A - Forgotten Sins, Forgiven Sins George Westerman.wma
6-14-15A - Trouble Weighs a Ton - Jim Petronski.wma
6-14-15P - George Westerman (no mic).wma
6-21-15A - Father's Day - John Magness.wma
6-7-15A - Jim Killer Miller - Dave Chaffin.wma
6-7-15P Dave Chaffin.wma
7-12-15A - Salt of the Earth.wma
7-12-15P - John Magness (no mic).wma
7-19-15A God's Mercy, Grace and Patience - John Magness.wma
7-26-16A 15 Seconds - George Westerman.wma
7-5-15A - Freedom - Dave Chaffin.wma
7-5-15P - Dave Chaffin.wma
8-16-15A L. Osterhoudt Jr..wma
8-16-15P L. Osterhoudt Jr..wma
8-2-15A Gods Word - Gunther Schledner.wma
8-2-15P Gunther Schlender.wma
8-23-15A Jim Pelfry.wma
8-23-15P John Magness.wma
8-30-15A Vision Test - George Westerman.wma
8-9-15A Jesus Christ - Dave Chaffin.wma
8-9-15P Dave Chaffin.wma
9-13-15A Jukes and Edwards - Dave Chaffin.wma
9-13-15P - Dave Chaffin.wma
9-6-15A One Line Sermon - Randy Milam.wma
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